Cleaning Your Keyboard

Don’t use harsh or alcohol-based products (rubbing alcohol) or presoaked commercial wipes because they can damage the surface.

If you use a hand sanitizer, make sure your hands have dried before playing or touching the keyboard.

Anyone who plays the piano should wash their hands before and after playing.

Your keys can be disinfected by wiping them down with a soft cloth using available disinfectants. However, since disinfectant strength can vary widely, test any products you are unfamiliar with on a small, out-of-the-way area to confirm that the product won’t mar the keytop finish.

Avoid spraying any products directly on the piano. It’s much safer to apply all cleaning products to a soft cloth and then wipe.

The cabinet and playing keys of your piano can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. If your piano has a wood finish always wipe in the direction of the grain. If the cabinet requires more cleaning than a damp cloth is capable of, you can use products made specifically for cleaning a piano cabinet, such as the ones found at this website»

Girl sitting playing a Pearl River Piano

Our goal is to help you stay safe as possible. We can’t guarantee complete safety. Please be careful. If you have additional questions, contact our service department at (909) 270-8838.