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pearl river piano group debuts at guangzhou cultural industry fair

Organized by Guangzhou City Hall and the Guangzhou City Cultural and Tourism Board, the Guangzhou Cultural Industry Fair 2021 was held in early December as an opportunity for regional trades partners to showcase their best products and latest innovations.

The event attracted industry insiders from home and abroad along with over 10,000 visitors online. Guo Yonghang, deputy secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor spoke during the opening about the importance of Guangzhou’s cultural industry in the development of the region’s arts and cultural infrastructures, and the great potentials for regional trades opportunities.

Guangzhou Cultural Exterior
Guangzhou Cultural - Pianos

With innovative and quality new product lineups this year,  the Pearl River Group display booth  experienced large crowds attracted by new Pearl River, Ritmüller, and Kayserburg pianos along with the newly launched line of Pearl River string instruments, guitars, and ukuleles.

One highlight of the show was the Etoile Collection of Exotic Woods currently featured on Kayserburg pianos that included Ziricote and Straight Lined Ebony veneers, and an art case upright model, The Sound of Spring, which is handmade with precious gems that sparkle across a glass lid.

Among new technology and AI products, the Pearl River Prodigy Player Piano System proved to be another crowd-pleaser. Equipped with an automatic playing system, the piano was appreciated for its beautiful sound by every passerby.

Now in its 4th year, the Guangzhou Cultural Industry Fair has become an important trading platform for connecting Guangzhou and the Asia Pacific regional market in support of China’s domestic goods exports to the world.

Guangzhou Cultural Pianist